December 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

December 2019

Roll the dice and take a gamble in this remake of Vegas Dice Game. Will you shoot for higher rewards, or play it safe and hope to avoid the competition?

Hobby World has announced Spycon, CMON has released a preview of their upcoming game Airship City, and Labyrinth The Card Game has been released.

Journey through the catacombs of Paris or a mysterious haunted roller coaster. The Exit game series is a line of escape room games in a box, and each one takes you to a unique location and through a wide variety of clever and creative puzzles.

Do you have what it takes win the fight and become the heavyweight (or lightweight) champion? Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game is a vicious two-player duel, with elements of luck, bluffing, and reading your opponent.

Next Move Games has released a new Azul game, a Marvel themed version of Splendor has been announced, and Z-Man Games is releasing some new mini expansions.

Work together for your own survival — but your alliances will be shaky when only a few, if any, will be able to survive the global destruction.

Red Outpost explores worker placement and area control with a unique twist in this combination of communist utopia on a distant planet.

Swing, bump, and spin in your quest to be one groovy funky chicken! Funky Chicken certainly features some clever packaging, putting its deck of cards inside a cloth chicken bag that looks pretty groovy. But does it play as fun as it looks?

Draft the best cards to build your engine or deter your opponents in this hand management and engine-builder from designer Frédéric Guérard.