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Solve Sliding Puzzles in Real-Time Race Game Flash 8

Flash 8

In this real-time puzzle game, quickly slide the electrons around your board to match the patterns shown on the cards in the center of the table.

Flash 8 by Le Scorpion Masqué is a fast-paced puzzle game in which players race against each other to complete the cards and score them first. How fast you can you complete each puzzle?


Each player takes a game board and eight of the round electron game pieces (three blues, two yellows, and one each of the purple, green, and reds). There are nine connected spaces on your board, so that when you place your electrons in it, there will be one empty space. Next, you make stacks of cards equal to the number of players, with ten cards in each stack, and place them in the center of the table.

These cards will show electrons in certain positions on your game board. During the game, players race each other to slide their electrons around the board to match their electrons’ positions with those shown on one of the cards. When sliding, you may only use one finger.

Once you have matched your board to the card, you shout ‘Flash!’ and everyone stops to confirm you have indeed completed the card. You then take the completed card from the stack, put it in your score pile, and play resumes. Play continues until there are no cards left on the table.

Each card in your score pile is worth 1-2 points depending on its difficulty, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Flash 8 Components


Flash 8 is a fun blend of real time and puzzle mechanics. It’s a type of puzzle that most players will already be familiar with, making it easier to teach, while the competitive aspect brings a unique twist to the gameplay.

The real time aspect of the game is certainly challenging. You can be so close to completing a card, only to have another player steal it out from under you. This ensures that when you do score a card, it’s very satisfying. There are, however, a lot of starts and stops each time someone shouts ‘Flash!’, which can get a little frustrating when you’re in the zone and then forget what you were doing.

If playing with children, you can balance gameplay by allowing them to only play with two blue pieces instead of three so that they have two empty slots, making it easier to maneuver pieces to specific locations.

The component quality is really good, the electron pieces are very satisfying to slide around your board, which itself has an indentation to keep the pieces in place. The cards are easy to read, and everything about the production of the game is excellent.

A great family-friendly puzzler, Flash 8 is light and fast, and each card you solve feels like a mini victory even if you lose the game. There’s even a fun solo mode with its own unique rule set that is nicely implemented.

Pros: Ability to adjust difficult for individual players, great component quality, blend of real time and puzzle mechanics

Cons: Lots of starts and stops to gameplay

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.