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News Flash: Schotten Totten 2 Released, Patchwork Christmas Edition

Schotten Totten 2

Schotten Totten 2 Released
IELLO has released a sequel to their two player card game. Schotten Totten 2 is currently available at local game stores, and will hit online stores on December 3. "Meet the explosive sequel of one of the best card games in the world! Play as the attacker or defender in this fast asymmetrical and tactical card game that will appeal to your sense of bluff."

Patchwork Christmas Edition Pre-Order
A special Christmas themed edition of Patchwork is currently available for pre-order. "Jingle bells, presents and maybe even Santa Clause can be found on the patches of this special edition for Christmas. A festive box art and a Patchwork cookie cutter complete this perfect gift for all fans, collectors and everyone who missed Patchwork until now!"

Pandasaurus Game Sale
Pandasaurus will be running a Black Friday sale from November 23 through December 1. "From 15-60% off select titles, bundles of awesome for different game-types, and even a free game for every $50 you spend!"

The Calliope Game Night Extravaganza
Calliope Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring three games for $40. "A Trio Of Games That Take You By Feather, Rail, And Epic Tale - featuring Allegory, Enchanted Plumes, and Mass Transit!"

2020 BoardGameGeek Holiday Gift Guide
The official 2020 BoardGameGeek Holiday Gift Guide has been released, featuring games of all genres and complexity. "We've put our heads together to make a gift guide that covers all of your shopping needs this holiday season. There's a game on this page that's right for anyone on your list! "

Sheepy Time Announced
Alderac Entertainment Group has announced a new press-your-luck game set for release next year. "Each time a player's sheep hops the fence, their human falls asleep easier.  Players draw cards on their turns, and can reveal Nightmares which scare the Dream Sheep."

Cloud City (Just Push Start): “Turns are fast, though there is always a choice to make. The city builds up in front of you and as the game goes on it gets more and more impressive to look at.”

The Pursuit of Happiness (Meeple Mountain): “There are points in every single game where I get so wrapped up in the gameplay and theme that moving up the Long-Term Happiness track causes a flush of genuine real-life happiness – not from an especially clever move but a satisfying and consequently rewarding life.”

Battle Sheep (Board Game Halv): “Just because it is quick & easy doesn't mean you lose anything in the strategic gameplay department.”