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How Well Do You Know Your Friends? Find Out in Party Game Most or Least

Most or Least

What are you most likely to dress up as for Halloween? A police officer or a a zombie with a chain saw? How likely are you to re-gift a Christmas present?

In Most or Least, each round one player reads out a question and then secretly selects their answer while the others must guess which answer they chose.


Each player takes five cards: one, two, three, most, and least. The decks of question cards are then shuffled and a player is picked to go first. On your turn you draw a question card and read it out loud. A question might be something with three options such as: which exotic food would you most likely try? Rattlesnake jerky, smoked grasshoppers, or honey roasted grub worms, with each answer numbered one through three. You then pick your answer and place the correct number card face down in front of yourself. Alternatively, it might be a most or least likely question such as ‘you’d most/least likely visit Dracula’s castle in Romania if you had the chance’; in which case you select the most or least card, depending on which one you feel fits you better, and place it face down in front of you.

Then all the other players select the card they believe you chose and place it in front of themselves face-down. All selected cards are then revealed. If at least half the other players correctly matched your answer, you win a point. Each player that correctly matched your answer also wins a point. If only one player matched your answer, that player wins two points.

Players take turns being the one to draw a question card and read it aloud. The player with the most points at the end of the twenty-fifth turn wins the game.

Most or Least Box Back


Most or Least is a simple, straightforward party game with a blend of funny questions and interesting ice breaker ones. The rules are light and simple, making the game very casual and accessible.

The questions are well selected. One or two stray into the realm of PG but never get more adult than that, and there are enough cards included that it would be easy to simply to skip a card and draw another. The questions are not designed to be embarrassing, either, and many are quite fun to consider and think about.

Having the game end at twenty-five turns is a little uneven as that means not everyone has an equal number of turns drawing and reading a question, the role in which it’s hardest to earn points. This is not a major issue as, as with most party games, the scoring isn’t very important to the gameplay, but it still could have been handled better.

Most or Least isn’t a revolutionary party game, but it’s nice, simple, and enjoyable. It’s easy to set up and play, and is good for a wide range of groups and gatherings. Games like this for getting to know your friends always seem to be well received — and even if you have a similar game already, this one adds plenty of variety.

Pros: Range of questions, accessibility

Cons: Ending after twenty-five turns is unbalanced

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.