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Read My Lips: The Party Game Mega Mouth Is Mega Fun

Mega Mouth

Can you guess seven African countries or members of the Justice League simply by reading the lips of your teammate?

Published by Big G Creative and available through Target, Mega Mouth is a unique party game with an unusual lip reading mechanism.


Players split into two teams. Each team takes one of the mega mouth magnifiers — a large, clear rectangle that will magnify your mouth when you hold it up to it. Teams take turns.

On your team’s turn, you pick a player to be the ‘mouther’ for the turn. The mouther draws a card and reads the category aloud. He then places the card in the stand so that only he can see it. Each card lists seven answers that fit under that category. For instance, the category might be card games with Poker and Uno as answers, or the category might be 1980s action movies like Die Hard and Top Gun.

The other team then starts the thirty-second timer and the mouther attempts to get his teammates to guess as many of the answers as possible. All the mouther can do is silently mouth the word, while holding the magnifier up in front of his mouth. No gestures, words, or body language is allowed. If his teammates guess it, he says ‘yes’ and moves onto the next word. He can also say 'pass' to skip an answer and move onto the next one (if there’s time he can circle back around to any skipped answers). Once the timer runs out, the mouther stops, and his team earns one point for each correctly guessed answer. It is now the other team’s turn.

The first team to reach twenty-one points wins the game — however, if this is the team who started first, the other team gets one more turn to try to beat this score.

Mega Mouth Components


Mega Mouth is a unique party game with a creative idea. It’s different, it’s silly, and it’s fun. It’s the kind of game where midway through your turn you might just break out into fits of laughter, and that’s where the real challenge of being the mouther lies: trying not to laugh.

Even when it’s not your team’s turn, it is still enjoyable to watch the other side and their mouther. Since each turn lasts only thirty seconds, however, you never have too much downtime waiting for it to be your team’s turn again.

There are two hundred cards included, which is a good number and there’s a wide range of categories. Not every category will necessarily be a great fit for all players, and in larger teams you might feel a little left out if you know nothing about the card’s category. But again, turns are fast, and the categories tend to be fairly general, so even if you’re not much help this round, chances are you’ll be able to participate more for the next one.

If you’re looking for a party game that’s a little different, Mega Mouth is worth checking out. It will give you plenty of laughs, which is really what you want from a good party game at the end of the day.

Pros: Fast turns, unique idea, silly fun

Cons: Some players may feel left out with some card categories

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.