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Swat the Flies and Build a Collection in Kids Game Superfly


Published by Loki and designed for kids, Superfly is a set collection dice game about swatting the cards you want and trying to collect sets.

Featuring an incredibly eye-catching flyswatter component, the game has excellent table presence. But how does it play?


Each player takes a flyswatter. These each have a little transparent plastic dome on top with a die inside. The deck of cards is shuffled. Cards come in six different colors with six cards of each color, numbered one through six. At the start of each turn, each player is dealt a face-down card, and then a card for each player (minus one) is dealt to the center of the table.

Everyone picks up their flyswatters, examines the cards, and then at the count of three all swat their swatters down on the card they want (if you don’t want any of the cards you can choose to skip).

If the die in your flyswatter rolls the same number as shown on the card, then the card is discarded and no one gets it; the fly has been swatted. If you are the only person to choose a card then you automatically get it. If more than one player goes for the same card, the player whose die has the higher value gets it. If two or more players roll the same number on their dice then neither of them can win the card and instead they must exchange all the cards they’ve collected this round with each other.

Once all cards are resolved, any cards remaining on the table are discarded and new ones are drawn for another turn.

The first person to have five cards announces it and any players who do not have five get one final turn. Everyone then reveals their cards. The goal is to have the biggest set of cards. There are three eligible types of sets. Sets include cards all of one color, all of one number, and all different colors and numbers. The player or players with the biggest sets earn a fly catcher token. All cards are then discarded and a new round begins. The first player to three fly catcher tokens wins the game.

Superfly Components


Superfly is a solid family game. It is designed for kids but adults can certainly play it with them and have fun. It is not based on speed, so adults do not have an advantage there; it is only about trying to figure out which card you should go for and which cards your opponents might compete for.

It’s a light and fast game, with turns and rounds going by quickly. There can be a certain amount of press-your-luck in deciding which sets to go for, and trying to figure out what sets other players are probably trying to build. Luck does play a big part in the game, as dice rolls can cause cards to be discarded or force you to exchange hands with another player. This latter move is effective as motivation for staying away from hotly contested cards, but it is a rule that might frustrate some players when you have to hand over an excellent set because you rolled the same number as an opponent.

The components are well made. We liked the bug artwork on the cards, and the flyswatters are very well designed. They are such a unique component and a fun way to select a card, but they are also a good size. They’re not so big that kids are going to struggle with holding them but also not too small as to be awkward for adults. You do need to give them a bit of an extra flourish to ensure the dice roll but you can hear easily when it’s  rattling around in there.

Superfly is a speedy, amusing game that combines dice and set collection effectively with a fantastic presentation. If you have kids, this one can be a lot of fun, and even adults just looking for a light dice game might enjoy it.

Pros: Components, speed of gameplay, set collection combined with trying to predict your opponents

Cons: Exchanging hands due to a dice roll can feel a bit harsh

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.