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News Flash: Enchanted Plumes Released, Kids Chronicles Announced

Enchanted Plumes

Enchanted Plumes Released
Calliope Games has released a new card game for two-to-six players, in which you compete to create the most beautiful peacock. "Play Feather cards to assemble sparkling plumes in rows from top to bottom, matching colors as you go."

Kids Chronicles Announced
Lucky Duck Games has announced Kids Chronicles: Quest for the Moon Stones, a brand new children's game, inspired by Chronicles of Crime. This will be the first in a new line of games published under Lucky Duck Kids. "Kids Chronicles is the result of our focus on bringing the best digital hybrid board games to the broadest possible audience[...] The end result is an entertaining and educational game that uses devices sparsely yet in a way that no physical board game could achieve."

Two New Key Games Released
HABA has released two new games in The Key Series, Sabotage at Lucky Llama Land and Murder at the Oakdale Club. "A replayable and competitive logic puzzle game by Thomas Sing, designer of The Crew. Who will build the best case to put the suspects behind bars?"

The Loop Pre-Order
The Loop is now available for pre-order over at Pandasaurus Games. It is a cooperative game, about battling the evil Dr. Faux. "In the game, players are Temporal Agents tasked with gathering powerful artifacts, defying the Doctor's clones, and sabotaging his maniacal machine. Decode 4 different game modes, each full of new challenges and replay value."

Sticky Cthulhu Announced
IELLO has announced Sticky Cthulhu, set for release this summer. It is based on their previous game Sticky Chameleons (which we reviewed here). "Roll the dice, catch (and eat) the Cultists, and make your opponents go crazy! Electrifying, delirious, slimy."

Arcane Wonders Seeking Playtesters
Arcane Wonders is currently looking for new playtesters. You can apply through their discord. "We have just updated our process for becoming an official playtester for Arcane Wonders and we wanted to share this with you as we currently have spots available for playtesting new and upcoming titles from Arcane Wonders."

Mean Girls: The Party Game Released
Big Potato Games has released a new party game based on the popular 2004 movie. " Everyone gets a Burn Book page with their name. Pass them around and secretly answer one juicy question about each of your friends.[...]You get one shot to guess who wrote your favorite. Guess correctly and win a point."

Mass Transit (Board Game Halv): “A great cooperative card game that crams a ton of gameplay into a small box and delivers a light experience that is unlike anything else.”

Exit: The Game – The Sacred Temple (Geeks Under Grace): “It may not be the strongest game in the series, but it offers some unique ideas.”

Cartographers (Just Push Start): “Cartographers captures players’ imaginations with the maps that they draw, whilst the gameplay offers plenty of choices on every turn.”