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Fight Dirty in Mickey and Friends Food Fight

Mickey and Friends Food Fight

It’s an all-out food fight! Roll your dice as quickly as possible to determine which player will get your next hot dog missile or smoothie attack!

Published by The Op, Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a real-time dice game in which players are competing to be the first to get rid of all their food tokens; a goal that is complicated by the fact that other players keep moving their tokens back onto your tray.


Each player takes a food tray and randomly takes a set number of food items (the exact number varies based on player count) and places them on their trays. There are five different types of food in the game. A serving tray is also placed in the center of the table. Each player gets three dice: one is a food die, one a direction die, and one a number die.

During each round, players act simultaneously, all trying to act as quickly as possible. You roll your three dice, which tell you which food type you may take off your tray, how many of that type, and which direction you pass it in, placing the tokens on the tray of the player who is sitting in that direction or on the serving tray depending on the result. As soon as you have moved the food, you roll all your dice again.

The round ends as soon as someone has emptied his food tray. This player takes a Mickey Medal, and then the game is reset for another round. The first player to win three Mickey Medals wins the game.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight Components


Mickey and Friends Food Fight is a fun, light, real-time dice game. As you would expect, the game consists of a lot of dice chucking and trying to roll and act as fast as you can. The rules are so simple, but the resulting chaos is quite real, and thoroughly enjoyable.

The serving tray in the middle ensures that the game does slowly tick down to the end and that players aren’t perpetually just passing the same food between each other. The game also comes with a couple of fun variants to try out.

All of the components are quite well made and the game does look quite attractive. The dice are small and light but have a nice aesthetic to them that makes them feel good to roll. The theme isn’t going to be for everyone, but it’s quite surface level and the artwork has a unique style to it.

Mickey and Friends Food Fight is all about speed and not much strategy, but it’s enjoyable, good for families, and has excellent production quality.

Pros: Chaotic real-time fun, variants, production quality

Cons: Theme won’t appeal to everyone, not much strategy

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.