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News Flash: Dreadful Circus Released, Halloween Games

Dreadful Circus

Dreadful Circus Released
Portal Games has released a new set collection card game in which each player develops their own final scoring rules based on the cards they purchase. "As circus directors we will try to organize an unforgettable evening of shows, fighting with each other to attract the attention of the largest audience. The wonderful, dark graphic layer is just a taste. It promises to be fierce competition based on bidding, negotiations and negative interaction!"

Games for Halloween and Screen Rant have both compiled lists of board games thata re perfect to play this Halloween season. "As the nights get longer, and the clocks prepare to go back, there’s never any better time of the year to enjoy a good board or fantasy card game, especially if it’s got a spooky Halloween flavour to it."
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Harry Potter Rory's Story Cubes Announced
This November, Asmodee and Zygomatic will be releasing a Harry Potter-themed version of the storytelling cube game. "These cubes references iconic characters from the series, and are a great way to exercise the imagination. Players can roll up all new stories for the young wizards of Hogwarts using the the items, characters, places, and animals on the dice."

Saloon Tycoon Second Edition
Van Ryder Games has released a second edition of Saloon Tycoon, which brings a few balance changes to the gameplay as well as reducing the number of take-that mechanics. "This is a building and tile placement game where the purpose of the game is to build the best saloon. The game is played by each player taking a board and then taking turns going clockwise from the first player earning gold, taking an action, building and collecting bonuses."

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme Pre-Order
Bezier Games has a new Werewolf game available for pre-order, and expected to be released November 17th. "Ultimate Werewolf Extreme features incredible artwork, comprehensive rules, a fantastic moderator score pad. What's more, it supports more players than any other game: Up to 75 of your closest friends can converge on up to three simultaneous villages using the components in this box."

Mean Girls: The Party Game (Board Game Quest): “Can be a really fun game, but it requires everyone being on the same page.”

Castle Party (What’s Eric Playing): “If you’re looking for more spooky games, you’re a fan of monsters, or you just love that flip-and-write genre, Castle Party is a solidly fun entry in that space! I’d recommend it.”

Trails (The Game Aisle): “I really can’t say enough wonderful things about how beautiful these games are, but thankfully they’re fun too!”