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Nice Egg! A Five Minute Egg-Dropping Dexterity Game

Nice Egg

Choose your yolk and drop it from above, aiming for the egg white. Fry up a yummy egg to become the egg master.

Published by itten, Nice Egg! is a five-minute dexterity game for two-to-five players.


You put the egg white piece in the center of the table and place the center yolk game piece in the middle of it. One player is the start player for the round, and the role of start player will move each round.

On your turn you select one of the regular egg yolk pieces. These come in a variety of sizes. You then place the yolk inside the egg capsule and close it. You must hold the capsule over the egg white, at least to the height of the game box, and then open the capsule, dropping the yolk.

After each player has gone, you check all the yolks. The player who dropped a yolk closest to the center yolk earns a point and takes his yolk to track it. The player whose yolk overlaps another yolk and is the highest, also gets to keep his yolk as a point. If multiple players tie for either of these, all tying players get to keep their yolks as a point. If your yolk falls completely off the egg white, you are not eligible for a point. If your yolk knocks the center yolk completely off the egg white, you lose one yolk point if you have it and the round immediately ends with no one scoring. At the end of the round, all yolks except for the center yolk that is still on the egg white are removed. As long as the center yolk is still on the egg white, it remains in whatever position it was in at the end of the round.

The first player to earn two egg yolks wins the game.

Nice Egg Components


Nice Egg! is an extremely light dexterity game. It’s silly, it’s fast, it’s easy to learn, and it’s a fun few minutes. It’s hard to get the yolk dropping right, so it feels like an accomplishment when you manage to land one more or less where you were aiming.

The components are quite nice quality, the egg is easy to open and close, and the box serves as an excellent measurement for the minimum distance between you and the egg white. The egg white could have been just a little bit bigger to make it slightly easier, but everything is well put together.

Nice Egg! is probably not going to get endless plays, but it’s short and sweet and easy to pull out when you only want something to last a few minutes. It also packs up in quite a small box, so it’s portable and easy to take with you. It’s also easy to teach, has fast turns, and is accessible to most ages.

Pros: Very simple, portable, nice components, plays quite fast

Cons: The egg white could be a little larger

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.

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