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News Flash: Kites Announced, New MicroMacro Game Coming Soon


Kites Announced
Set for release in July, Floodgate Games has announced a new real-time cooperative game. "Everyone works together to keep all their kites – represented by colorful sand timers – in the air. Take turns playing cards, flipping the sand timers, and coordinating with other players to ensure none of the timers run out. If it does, a kite has crashed!"

New Standalone MicroMacro: Crime City Game Announced
A new MicroMacro: Crime City game has been announced. "All In comes with 16 cases for players to cooperatively solve. In each case, players will receive cards that ask them to find something or someone on the map and connect sections of the map relevant to the case. The map depicts multiple points in time, so characters will appear on the map in different places, showing a connected chain of events. "Source:

Green Team Wins Announced
25th Century Games has announced Green Team Wins, which made its debut at this year's Origins Game Fair. "It's not about having the best answer, or the smartest answer, or the funniest answer. Only the most popular answer wins - the one that the most players at the table wrote down. To win, get on the Green Team, stay on the Green Team, and win - because that's what the Green Team does. They win."

The Guild of Merchant Explorers Released
AEG has released a new board game, The Guild of Merchant Explorers. "The Queen has sent out a call to The Guild of Merchant Explorers, asking brave adventurers to voyage to all corners of the kingdom of Tigomé. While the kingdom is flourishing, its maps have not been updated in some time and its great cities have lost contact with one another."

Mantic Launches Board Games Division
Mantic Games has announced a new division focused on family-friendly board games as well as role-playing experiences. "The first title to be launched under Mantic’s board game division is Umbrella Academy: The Board Game, which is due to launch on the Gamefound crowd funding platform on June 15th. Featuring simple pick-up-and-play rules and co-operative gameplay, Umbrella Academy: The Board Game fits perfectly with the division’s philosophy to develop experiences for the whole family to enjoy."

Sobek: 2 Players Released
Pandasaurus has released two-player game Sobek, from the designers of Kingdomino and Jaipur. "Sobek awaits the creation of a grand temple in his honor to be built in Faiyum. To support the construction, a huge market has emerged, bustling with rich goods. You and your opponent will vie to take advantage of this opportunity. Sobek will tip the scales of fate by offering up his favors to the least corrupt merchant!"

Manifest (Unfiltered Gamer): “Families are going to appreciate the game’s accessibility with an easy ruleset that provides some decent choices as well as familiar mechanics.”

Turing (Tabletop Games Blog): “What’s also great about Turing is its length and the player count. It’s really short and can be played with up to six players and in theory with even more. So even when you play the game with the maximum people, it won’t take long to play a whole game.”

Gorinto (Tabletop Bellhop): “This really is one of the best games that I own and I want it to do well and succeed. I want more and more people to discover this game and fall in love with it.”

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