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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Critters, Varmints, and Woodland News

Fit to Print

Lots of animals in this month’s games: from critters battling for trash in alleyways and food in the forest to animal newspapermen filling the front page with woodland news. There’s also a lovely-looking word game, a standalone sequel to On the Underground, and two new puzzle boxes.

Fit to Print

Fit to Print (Flatout Games) – A real-time puzzle game played in three rounds — each round has two phases while the clock ticks down. In the reporting phase, you take newspaper tiles from the center of the table and place them on your desk. Once you believe you have enough tiles you move onto the layout phase, trying to fit all your tiles onto your newspaper grid. The different types of tiles will score in different ways, and tiles of the same type cannot be placed next to each other. Players will lose points for each tile they cannot fit on their grids.


Varmints! (Grubfellow Games) – In this two-player game, there are three alleys. At your end of each alley, you have three scraps in your trash bin. Your goal is to steal the scraps from your opponent's bins. The first player to lose all his scraps loses the game. During the first phase of each round, players take turns playing cards. Cards can be played to an alley face-up or face-down. Each card has a set number; you must have that amount of cards in the alley in order to play that card face-up. Some cards also have special abilities that are triggered when played face-up. During the night phase, you resolve each alley. The player whose face-up card in an alley has the lower speed value loses a scrap, but only after players choose whether to discard any of their face-down cards in that alley to play further cards to boost their speed.

Survival of the Fattest

Survival of the Fattest (Dirty Rascal Games) – Each round, on your turn you may discard unwanted cards to draw more helpful ones, and then play trick cards for their special abilities. You then must visit an area on the board, either a location with an ability which you then resolve or one of the three forage locations. After players have all moved, you resolve foraging locations, by playing foraging cards at each location. The player with the highest total foraging points at a location gets priority there. Cards are then revealed from that location equal to the number of forage cards played there, and players take turns in priority order selecting one card each. You continue to do this until each player has taken the number of cards equal to the number of forage cards they played. Players will use the foraged food cards to grow their decks, complete recipe cards, and feed their critters.

On the Underground: Paris / New York

On the Underground: Paris / New York (LudiCreations) – This new, standalone edition of On the Underground has players building undergrounds across one of two cities, trying to help the passenger meeple move across the board to reach various destinations. There are always four destination cards at the start of each turn. On your turn you take four actions, laying tracks for your metro line around the board. The passenger then moves, avoiding as many empty track spaces as possible, in the most direct way possible, to reach one or two of the destinations that correspond to the destination cards. Players whose lines the passenger uses then score points. Players also score points for connecting certain stations with their tracks.

Words of a Feather

Words of a Feather (Turn Sideways Games) – A word association party game, with a beautiful table presence. Each player has three feather cards, each with its own word on it. On your turn, you draw two new feather cards and then choose two to use to come up with a word of your own, which you write down secretly. You are trying to get the other players to guess your secret word. You may show the two cards you used to create your new word and give a single one-word clue. Each player then writes down their guess. They may also bet that their guess will match with someone else (you or another player). You earn one point for each player who guessed your word. All other players score one point if they wrote down the same word as at least one other player (it does not have to be you) and earn or lose extra points if they made a bet.

Puzzle Box: The Legacy of the Alchemists

Puzzle Box: The Legacy of the Alchemists (Puzzle Potato) – Two puzzle boxes, one themed around Nicolas Flamel and The Philosopher's Stone, and one around Isaac Newton and a mysterious anti-gravity device. Each puzzle box is unique with its own puzzles and design to present a compact escape-room-style puzzle to solve at home.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.