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Work Together to Guess the Secret Character in Similo


Are you ready for a light and entertaining social card game that will challenge your deductive skills? Similo may be just the perfect choice. In this thrilling card game, players must work together to guess a secret character mixed within twelve cards displayed on the table from a deck of thirty beautifully illustrated cards featuring characters from various themes. A Clue Giver uses cards as clues to allow players to deduce whether declared cards are similar or different to the clue cards. Can your team guess who the secret character is?

Similo is published by Horrible Guild, an Italian board game publisher making waves in the gaming community since its inception in 2014. Their mission is to create cool, innovative, and entertaining games that stand out from the crowd. Being one of their flagship games, Similo blends elements of deduction and collaboration to create a unique and strategic experience for players.

Similo matches last around ten minutes for two or more players aged seven and up.

This review is based on "Similo - Animals" and "Similo - Fantastic Beasts".



Similo is a card game that tests your deductive skills while playing cooperatively with your fellow players. Each card features a beautifully illustrated portrait and the name of a character that belongs to a specific theme.

Choose a player to be the Clue Giver, and the other players will be Guessers. 

Twelve characters are showcased in the middle of the table. One is the secret card, only known to the Clue Giver, and the other cards are used as the Clue Giver deck.

The Clue Giver must always have five cards in hand, drawing a new card from the deck at the beginning of every round but the first one. The Clue Giver cards will be used as clues. At each round, the Clue Giver plays a card and must state whether the clue card is similar or different from the secret character, allowing the other players, the Guessers, to try to figure out which card is the secret one.

The game's goal is for players to use the clue cards to guess the secret character. During each round, they must discard cards in the display that players vote and agree do not match the clue cards. Beware, you must not discard the secret card!

Cards are discarded during five rounds. One card is discarded in the first round, two in the second, three in the third, four in the fourth, and only two remain displayed in the last round. Everyone loses if the secret card gets discarded at any point in the game. If the last remaining card is the secret card, everyone wins.



Similo is a brilliant game. It is a delightful twist on "Guess Who?" with its creative and straightforward rules that combine deduction and cooperation mechanics to deliver an engaging and replayable experience.

The card decks portray stunning illustrations and come in various themes, such as animals, history, fables, spookies, myths, and even Harry Potter. The various themes add to the game's fictional and material involvement to let you immerse in the gameplay. After playing several times, I spotted that every card has a description of its character on its side. The game is very well designed and pays attention to minimal details.

Matches are quick and addictive, and the game can easily provide hours of fun for players of all ages. One distinctive aspect that makes Similo so great is that you can mix and match the card decks to create a new experience each time you play, adding significant replayability to the game.

Games do not rely on luck but mainly on deduction and cooperation. Complexity, setup, teardown, and downtime are all low. It is also a quick game, making it an excellent filler game.

For players who are familiar with card games, Similo offers a unique and entertaining experience. And for those new to card games, the game can be easily learned in minutes.


Final Thoughts

Similo card game is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and your friends in a collaborative setting. With beautifully illustrated cards featuring exciting characters, you can test your deductive skills by trying to guess the secret card. It's an easy-to-learn game that will provide hours of fun for all ages! Similo is definitely worth checking out.

Similo is an entertaining twist on classic deduction games. It can be enjoyed by card game veterans and newcomers alike due to its straightforward rules. The game is surprisingly easy to learn and allows players to focus on the deduction and cooperation aspects needed to win. Its simple but clever mechanics make this card game fun and engaging.


  • Various rich and engaging theme decks that you can mix and match.
  • Beautifully illustrated character cards.
  • It can be enjoyed by card experts and newbies alike. It shines as a filler game.


  • This is a straightforward, light "guess who" game that may not appeal to hardcore gamers.
  • Different decks provide different themes but always the same mechanics.
  • If you are looking for a competitive game, you must look elsewhere.

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