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News Flash: New IELLO Games and Sid Sackson's I'm The Boss

King of Tokyo: Origins

New IELLO Games Announced
BoardGameGeek News has featured several new games from IELLO that will be released in 2024. The most notable releases include:

  • King of Tokyo: Origins — "An entry point for new players since it's a smaller, more affordable package. The game includes four new monsters, an assortment of new power cards mixed with older ones, energy cubes, and green dice with yellow characters."
  • Clash of Magic Schools (re-theme of the game Babel) — "Each player is the headmaster of one of the magic schools facing each other in the finals of the Tournament of Sorcerers. Be prepared to do anything it takes to help your school win this prestigious challenge."
  • Flip Circus — "The artists amaze the crowd as they move about the stage, but you have a larger goal in mind: using their special powers — and your recollection of which artists are where on each side of the tokens — to line up three artists of the same type."
  • Guilty: Houston 2015 (a mystery/escape room style game) — "Someone has died in the county women's prison — and not just anyone, but Senator Kowalsky's daughter. You're heading to the prison now with a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at which you have to explain what happened, so you need to find answers over the next few hours."


New Edition of Sid Sackson's I'm The Boss!
Eagle-Gryphon Games will soon debut a new edition of this classic game from Sid Sackson. "In I'm the Boss!, players take on the roles of investors vying to be the Boss that closes the most deals. Each round players utilize card actions to influence the outcome of deal on the table, which influence the size of a player's bankroll."

Camping Fluxx Announced
Looney Labs has announced the latest addition to their Fluxx line, to be released in February 2024. "The new Fluxx variant adds two Creepers (Rain and Mosquitoes) and a camping supply of Keepers to the mix. It also features new themed actions and new rules, like Fishing Trip, Ghost Stories, Bear Trouble, Scout Bonus, and Fireside Potluck."

Décorum App Now Available
The new Décorum companion app by Floodgate Games is a browser-based app that can be accessed from any device. With the app, players can now access a new 2-player scenario daily.

Wasabi (Meeple Mountain): “Rather than solitaire, it delivers a true battle of wits against your friends. Wasabi stands out from the crowd by eliciting energetic head-to-head competition within its accessible ruleset and snappy runtime.”

Four Corners (The Board Game Family): “Since the board state will change before it gets back to your turn, you can’t plan out a long strategy very well. You can hope, but be ready to adjust when they inevitably mess up some of your plans.”

Halloween (One Board Family): “The game is simple to teach and straight-forward in its presentation, but the theme is felt throughout the game. Halloween fans will love the little touches in the game that call back to the movie.”