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Draw a Category, Write a List, and Discover if You Hit or Miss

Hit or Miss

This compact little party game is all about writing out lists, and including things that you think other players have — and have not — thought of.

Published by Gamewright, Hit or Miss is a 15-minute party game for 3-8 players.


Each player takes a hit-or-miss card. These cards have hit written on one side and miss on the other. Each player will also need a piece of paper and something to write with. You will also need a way to keep track of the score.

On your turn, you draw a category card. This might be something such as ‘comic strip’ or ‘something in Australia’. The 45-second sand timer is started, and everyone writes down things that fit into the category. Once the timer runs out, everyone (starting with the active player) takes turns rolling the die. The result is either hit, miss, or wild — in which case the player who rolled chooses either hit or miss.

When you roll a hit, you circle one item on your list that you believe other players would have also written and read it out loud. Each player uses their hit or miss card to indicate whether they also wrote it. You score one point for each player that also wrote the word. Each player who also wrote it circles that word on their list and also scores one point.

If you roll a miss, you circle one item on your list that you believe other players would not have written and read it out loud. You score one point for each player who did not write that word. Any player who did write that word scores three points.

After each player has rolled the die and read out a word, you move on to a new round. The game ends after each player has been the active player once (or twice in a 3-4 player game) and the player with the most points at the end wins.

Hit or Miss Components


Hit or Miss is a very simple game, but quite enjoyable. For some reason, it’s always fun to try listing things for various categories, and there’s an impressive 300 categories included in the game, from a wide range of topics. Also, the fact that you need to think of both common and uncommon things, means you need to shift gears in your brain a little as you make your list.

The scoring is well-balanced and works well for both hits and misses. It also ensures no downtime as players are always checking hits or misses and scoring accordingly.

It is nice how small the game is, coming in a box a little smaller than your hand, but it does also mean that no writing implements are included — and it is always a bit frustrating when a game doesn’t include necessary components for playing. It would, however, be easy to play this game on the go, traveling, or at parties as long as you plan ahead and bring something to write with.

Hit or Miss is beautifully simple and fun, with lots of player interaction and trying to figure out what other players are thinking.

Pros: It’s always fun to list things, the mix of seeking matches and seeking unique words works well, no downtime, very portable

Cons: Does not include all components needed to play

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.