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News Flash: 10 Days in the USA, Beacon Patrol Expansion

10 Days in the USA

10 Days in the USA Announced
The Op has announced a brand-new edition of 10 Days in the USA, a game originally released in 2003. "You have 10 Days in the USA. Travel the country by jet, car, and on foot. Plan your trip from start to finish using destination and transportation cards. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outwit your fellow travelers."

Beacon Patrol Expansion Announced
Pandasaurus Games has announced Beacon Patrol: Ships & Shores, an expansion for their cooperative tile-laying game. The expansion is set to be released in June. "As you venture along the coast, you encounter new ships that can aid you in navigating the difficult terrain ahead. Join forces with these other ships and combine your unique abilities to protect the coastlines. But beware, while the ships can assist you in your travels, they require expert hands to operate!"

Qawale Mini Released
Hachette Board Games has released a mini version of their abstract board game Qawale. "On your turn, add a stone on top of any pile and move it. When moving a pile, you must leave a stone on each space you cross. The first player to get 4 of their stones in a row, looking at the board from above, wins the game!"

Port Arthur Released
Ares Games has released Port Arthur this week, a 1-2 player war game with a 40-60 minute playtime. "Port Arthur is a fast-playing strategy game, immersing players in the Russo-Japanese War, commanding the Japanese fleet or defending as the Russians."

Don’t Starve Board Game Adaptation
The survival video game Don’t Starve will be getting a board game adaptation from Glass Cannon Unplugged. "Glass Cannon Unplugged, a studio known for creating tabletop renditions of other series like Frostpunk and Diablo, will lead creation of Don’t Starve: The Board Game in partnership with the original video game developer, Klei Entertainment. The game is set to launch via a Kickstarter campaign “near the end of the 3rd quarter in 2024,” a release said."

My City: Roll & Build (What’s Eric Playing): “While I still prefer the main My City, I think this is a fantastic analogue and makes for a great travel version or a quick, portable experience that gets players excited about or prepared for the core game.”

Goblin Vaults (Gameosity): “So while we always enjoy a well-themed game, we found that Goblin Vaults’ lack of theme didn’t hurt the experience at all.  Moreover, as a tight, quick strategic card game in a small box, we definitely had a good time with it.”

Flamecraft (Pojo): “A great balance between cuteness, simple rules, and evolving depth as the game progresses. It’s equally appealing to newcomers and seasoned players.”

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