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VIDEO: What You NEED TO KNOW About Dragonwood BEFORE You Buy


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It's time for an adventure! Are you thinking about buying Dragonwood by Gamewright? Watch this quick video to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you buy this game!

This exciting board game transports you to a mythical forest teeming with grumpy trolls, giggling goblins, and even fire-breathing dragons!

Embark on Your Quest: A Dragon-Slaying Summary

  • Gather brave adventurers: Collect sets of matching adventurer cards to earn dice.
  • Roll for glory: Use your dice to defeat the fantastical creatures guarding the forest.
  • Strike, Stomp, or Scream: Match your dice rolls to the appropriate action (Strike = symbols in a row, Stomp = same numbers, Scream = same color) to overcome your foes.
  • Conquer the beasts: Earn victory points by defeating creatures, and the player with the most points at the end claims the crown of Dragonwood!

Key Features to Slay You with Fun

  • Ages 8+ and 2-4 players: Perfect for family game nights or a thrilling face-off with friends.
  • 20-minute playtime: A quick and exciting adventure that won't take up your whole evening.
  • Easy to learn, challenging to master: Simple rules with strategic dice rolling keeps everyone engaged.
  • Beautiful fire dice: These unique red dice add a touch of fiery excitement to every roll!

Why You'll Love Dragonwood: A Dragon's Verdict

Dragonwood is a fantastic game for families and even adult game groups. It offers a great balance of luck and strategy, making it exciting for players of all ages. The easy-to-learn rules ensure everyone can join the fun quickly, and the beautiful fire dice add a touch of magic to every roll. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and family, venture into Dragonwood, and see if you have what it takes to conquer the forest and claim victory!