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VIDEO: Dragonrealm Quick Review - Watch This BEFORE You Buy!


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Are you thinking about buying Dragonrealm by Gamewright? Watch this quick review to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you buy this game!

Dragonrealm is a treasure-hunting adventure for 2-4 players, and it's the standalone sequel to the family favorite Dragonwood. This time, you'll venture beyond the familiar forest and explore the mystical lands beyond, where riches and glory await...but so do goblins and other dangers!

Get Ready to Roll for Riches

  • Collect sets of adventurer cards to unlock powerful dice rolls.
  • Send your brave adventurers to conquer locations like the Witch's Cabin and the Ogre's Treehouse.
  • When a location is filled, treasure is divvied up to the players with the most and second-most adventurers at that location.
  • But watch out for sneaky goblins who might steal your loot!
  • The player with the most treasure at the end of the game wins.

Key Features for Your Quest

  • Fire Dice: These fiery dice add an extra layer of excitement to your rolls.
  • Meeple Mania: Adorable goblin and adventurer meeples bring the game to life.
  • Strategic Simplicity: Easy to learn but with hidden depths for clever players.
  • Familiar gameplay for fans of Dragonwood, but with its own twists.

The Verdict: A Treasure Trove of Fun

Dragonrealm offers a delightful blend of easy-to- grasp mechanics and strategic decision-making. You'll have to think carefully about which locations to claim, balancing risk and reward while keeping a watchful eye on your opponents. The fire dice add a touch of thrilling uncertainty, while the fantastic meeples and top-notch components make every game a joy to play. There is more depth and complexity than your typical Gamewright game, but it is very well designed and offers a lot of fun decision-making. So grab your adventurer's hat, sharpen your dice, and get ready to conquer Dragonrealm!