News Flash: Spiel des Jahres Nominees and Zoomies from Fireside Games | Casual Game Revolution

News Flash: Spiel des Jahres Nominees and Zoomies from Fireside Games

2024 Spiel des Jahres nominees

Spiel des Jahres Nominees
The 2024 Spiel des Jahres nominees have been announced. They are In the Footsteps of Darwin, Captain Flip, and Sky Team.

Pre-Order Zoomies
Fireside Games has a new dog-themed board game, available for pre-order and set for release in August. "Your goal is to score the most points by matching a dog tile to the middle of the table and placing a scoring token on that tile. Tokens give you points based on adjacent dogs, bone icons, and more."

Sky Team: Turbulence Expansion
Scorpion Masqué has announced an expansion to their two-player dice game Sky Team. "Take your seat in the cockpit and test your skills in 20 scenarios that are even more demanding! Turbulence introduces new rules and new modules, such as Turbulence, Low Visibility, and Alarms, that will add depth and diversity to your Sky Team base game."

AI Space Puzzle Pre-Order
Portal Games has a new cooperative deduction game available for pre-order. "A deductive cooperative game in which you play as people evacuated from Earth on spaceships and as an onboard artificial intelligence (AI). Its tasks is to help passengers during this difficult journey."

In the Footsteps of Marie Curie Pre-Order
Sorry We Are French has a new game available for pre-order. "In the Footsteps of Marie Curie combines resource management and transformation mechanics, utilizing a dynamic card river and contract system."

Doomlings (Tabletop Games Blog): “There are just enough rules to add enough spice and interest. The best approach to the game is to relax and enjoy the fun. Read the cards, see what other people have played and have fun with whatever card you decide to play.”

Lacuna (Unfiltered Gamer): “Lacuna is the type of game that can win over the harshest cynic. It’s straightforward and accessible, while still being engaging and a little mysterious. It sits in that sweet spot offering simple mechanics and decently challenging choices, but it does it in a completely refreshing way.”

Garden Guests (Board Game Geek) “The uncertainty that the team game introduces allows for big emotional highs (and lows) as your partner does something unexpected and game-turning or comes through with exactly the play needed. I love perfect-information abstract strategy games, but the "imperfectness" of the team game is what makes Garden Guests (and presumably Lumis) shine compared to the game with two players.”

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