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Guest Bloggers Wanted

We are currently recruiting several authors who have a passion for casual games and are interested in volunteering to write occasional articles for our blog on a regular basis. The articles would include news and opinions about casual games, the casual game industry, and other hot topics. These contributions could pave the way for publication in our magazine and great exposure for the authors.

If you are interested, please let us know what you would like to write about, how often you would be willing to contribute an article, and why you should be selected as a regular author for the blog. If you have a single article you'd like to contribute, we would be happy to consider it also.

Alan Gerding
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My name is Alan Gerding and I would love to submit authored articles for Casual Game Insider.  Recently, I designed a game with my good friend Sean McCoy.  The game is called "Two Rooms and a Boom" and was designed specifically for social/casual gamers.  Arcane Wonders (of Mage Wars fame) picked up and is expected to be released by Origins 2013.

I would love to write a designer's diary about the entire process that I've grown through.  I started as just a fan boy, got my girlfriend involved, proposed to her using Ascension (, started designing my own games, and then got one picked up.

It is a super exciting process and I just can't shut up about it.  I would love to share the details of rubbing elbows with publishers, playtesting all sorts of games, and finally bringing something to print. 

I hope to write for you soon,

Alan Gerding

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