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Giveaway of "For Sale" by Gryphon Games

We played it. We liked it. We reviewed it in Casual Game Insider. Now you have a chance to win a free copy of For Sale by Gryphon Games to try it out for yourself! All you have to do is carry out at least one of the simple tasks below. Do more to gain additional entries and increase your chance of winning!

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I love Casual Games because they are fun and quick to play and even non-gamers enjoy them.  I just got my first copy of Casual Game Insider and, while I have not read anything but the cover story yet, it is one slick looking publication!

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As a gamer I love the challenge of the games. But hate it when the games take to long to learn. Who wants to spend the night looking at videos to learn a game or have to keep reading the instructions to learn it. The idea that a game should be able to be taught in less than 5 min is a noble thing.  I love playing games with my 8 yr old twins. I have to be able to teach them the game in 5 min or less or they will not understand anything that is going on.

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I love games and having a magazine available in the US is going to be great.

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As a game introducer, I like the idea and spread of casual games.  Having options of good games that are easy and quick to explain that have depth is good.  Also having strong games that the entire family can play all the way up and down the spectrum is wonderful to have.

Peter Schott
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I appreciate that casual games can usually be played in a reasonable amount of time and played by non-gamers. That introduces them to games that exist outside of Walmart (or even Target) and opens up a new world of gaming possibilities to them. When they have fun with that, it's easier to bring them along next time for a game that's fun but different.

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I run multiple game groups for the general public. Casual games make it easier to introduce new players to hobby board games. For me, their accessibility is their selling point. I am on a personal mission to grow the hobby and casual games are one of my main tools to help make that happen.

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I am new to board games and have really taken an interest in casual games.  I like the fact they are easy to learn, set up, teach and play.  I have gotten several people, who were skeptical about board games, addicted to playing them.  I really enjoyed the first issue and look forward to many more.

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Board games are the answer to our current societal problems of teen drug use, pregnancy, education and bonds families together. Plus they are damn good fun.
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I look forward to reading your magazine and watching this site and community grow.  I've been on BGG for years but would love to be involved in a more casual community



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I love casual games because I play with kids and their parents at my elementary school game club!