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CGI#11: Daybreak, Cooperative Games, Rulebooks, and Why We Play

Bézier Games’ Daybreak expands on the success of the Ultimate Werewolf party game series.

Plus: the origins of cooperative play, game industry elites discuss the ins and outs of rulebooks, why we keep returning to the table for board gaming, and the 60-year evolution of Eagle-Gryphon Games.

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Spring 2015
Chris James, Sebastian Fuhrer, John L. Carkeet IV, Rey Armenteros, Rick Soued
Jason Lees
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Having achieved new levels of consternation through rulebooks, I can appreciate the amount of attention they are getting lately. It's especially good to see from an entity like CGR because rulebooks need to be even tighter in casual games.
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I've heard a lot of good things about Ultimate Werewolf, but my wife is not a bog fan of hidden role games.

Interested to read the origins of co-ops.

I ran to my local Barnes and Nobles to find a copy of this issue but they didn't have it.  And yes this store location was listed on the list of stores supposedly carrying the magazine.  Maybe they didn't get it in yet.  I never heard of this magazine until I saw a tweet about the giveaway so here I am.  I am very intrigued by the issue and hope to get my hands on a copy so I can see for myself if it's something I'd like to read regularly. 

Boardgaming is a hobby and while I was a kid, my best friend and I used to design boardgames and play them.  I haven't done that in years and while it's a pipe dream as of now I'd love to actually design a boardgame and perhaps get lucky in marketing it.  I see this magazine as a potentially valuable resource so I am excited to learn about this!

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Thanks for your interest in our magazine! We will certainly have (and have had in the past) plenty of content for upcoming game designers. We wish you the best of luck with your future designing efforts!

As for Barnes & Noble, our physical magazine is unfortunately experiencing a delayed shipment due to overseas holidays and port congestion. B&N probably won't have the latest issue on the shelf until the end of April/early May. If they didn't have our previous issue (Winter 2015) on the shelf, they may have already cleared it out to make room for newer magazines. If you will contact us and provide the specific B&N location or store number we can check with our distributor to find out if this store is still receiving it. Sorry for the trouble!

We also sell both physical and digital copies ourselves for convenience - though we are still waiting for the physical shipment, as noted above.

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My group loves Cooperative Games the best.  Sparks lots of good convo.

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I have always enjoyed the idea of a guide book. Especially for those times I get stuck.
Bob King
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For some more intricate games, I much prefer an introductory "first game" setup with more limited exposure to all the rules, and then an advanced rules section. I find that few people can step up to write a set of rules that is both very helpful for a first-time player and also a decent reference for a more experienced player checking on a specific rule.
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I enjoyed the history of gaming article. The Co-op article was nice too, but no mention of Forbidden Island or Desert? Those strike me as the most popular casual co-op games out right now.

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Nice article on coops!

joanna reed
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Love cooperative play games, love the conversations it evokes.

This magazine really shows some thing interesting and new in the industry ad hobby.

Janice Dean
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Interesting info.  Thanks for sharing!