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I want to start prototyping my game, but I'm on a real tight budget. What do folks use for prototyping components? (Like, resource bits, money, cards, movers etc)

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For cards, I print them on standard card stock and insert them into sleeves for easier shuffling (trying to shuffle plain card stock is terribly annoying). For resource bits, I bought a container of 1000 educational counting cubes of various colors that have been extremely helpful for all kinds of games (bought mine from here). For money, you could always pull it from another game like Monopoly or buy it from a game parts website. Same with pawns, dice, etc.

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Michaels/hobby has real cheap items for prototyping.

Stacey Montalvo
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I also use cardstock or (plain paper with a card behind it) in sleeves. I use stuff I find around the house from projects that never got finished. I also use games I bought from Goodwill or garage sales for specific pieces and rework the boards they came with. :)

First you have to work out the kinks to get a good game. Fancier prototypes can be made after you know you have a good game.

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If you need a more polished look to attract the interest of your local gaming groups I'd suggest   I've been using them for years and have yet to find a printer of their quality that will do single print runs at a reasonable rate. 

I mainly order cards, but they offer thousands of custom printed products. Multi component stuff does get more expensive pretty quickly though.

The other drawback is that you have to design around what they offer, but they offer alot for sure.

So, if you need cards, chits, etc.  check them out


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