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A Duo of Fun: Great Casual Games for 2 Players

2 Players

Even though many games claim to support 2 players, not all are created equal. Some just don't work as well when played with just 2 players, while others do quite well. Here's a list of 12 casual games that play great as 2-player games.

Note: these games are all included in the "Recommended Games" list in Casual Game Insider magazine and are listed in alphabetical order. See our store locator to find stores in your area that carry casual games.


Bazaar (Gryphon Games) - An interesting, fun marketplace game of buying and trading. See our review in Casual Game Insider.


Blockers the Card Game (Gryphon Games) - Match components to collect cards. It will take planning and cunning to prevent being blocked.


Blokus (Mattel) - Lay your geometrical tiles with skill. Place the most tiles without getting blocked to win.

Castle Panic

Castle Panic (Fireside Games) - An adventurous, cooperative game. Battle against the fantastical castle siege.

Crazy Creatures

Crazy Creatures of Dr. Gloom (Stronghold Games) - Strategically add your cards to the monster machines to get rid of all your cards. Read about this game in Casual Game Insider.


DiceAFARI (Stratus Games) - Travel on a photo safari, strategically rolling to get the best routes and collect photo sets.


Hive (Gen42 Games) - There's a lot of buzz around this buggy game. Surround your opponent's queen bee while protecting your own.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad (Stratus Games) - The rocket race is on, build 'em and get them ready to launch, but watch out for sabotage.

Octopus' Garden

Octopus' Garden (Valley Games) - Create the most beautiful ocean garden. With the right collection and smart placement, you'll collect a lot of points. See our review in Casual Game Insider.


Pentago (Mindtwister USA) - Place 5 marbles in a row. Sounds simple, but the board changes with every turn.


Quartex (CSE Games) - Bring four matching corners together and score, but be cautious because the rarer the shape is, the more it is worth. See our review in Casual Game Insider.


Rise! (Crash Games) - Be the first to build 3 towers. It'll take planning and skill to build while preventing your opponent from dismantling your prior work.


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I like games that are mind challenging and not violent. thanks for your contest.