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Monthly Casual Gamers Meetups

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Monthly Casual Gamers Meetups

Did you know that Meetup is a great platform to discover new games with a handful of people living near you ? Do a quick search on meetup and you'll find one or the other group that is hosting some boardgame nights once a month or so.


I'm not here to do advertising for meetup - but started a meetup group myself a while back in Brussels. We call ourselves the boardgame monkeys and are targeting the english-speaking expat community of Belgium. We realized that there was no association hosting boardgames nights for expats and we just went for it !! You should give it a try too, wherever you are - to participate to the reborn of boardgames as a fun activity between family & friends.



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Great idea..

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I belong to a sci-fi/fantasy meet-up and we do meet for games about every other month.

Ark Addams
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Thanks! this seems like a wonderful idea.

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I actually found out about a gaming group at my FLGS through a meetup listing.

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That's great idea

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