2018 Tabletop Gaming Conventions Map

2018 tabletop gaming conventions

Still Looking for something in 2017? View our 2017 map.

Gaming conventions are a great way to find awesome new games, connect with other gamers, and even get feedback on your own designs. Good things happen when gamers gather together!

Fortunately, hundreds of board game cons large and small are happening all over the world in 2018. We have put together this map to allow you to easily find gaming conventions near you!

Can I see the source data?

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What if I need to update data?

If you are an event organizer or you would like to help us keep the data up-to-date, click on the "View Only" button within the spreadsheet and click "Request Edit Access." We will approve of new editors on a case-by-case basis. Please do not email us or comment about changes that need to be made — we ask that you make the changes yourself. If you have edit permissions, please do not sort or filter the data in any way.


Avonelle Wing
Avonelle Wing's picture

This spreadsheet is SO useful to me; I reference it several times a month. 


Your January listings are wonky - many of the conventions listed there happened in fall 2017. Would it be helpful if I made a list? How can I contribute to what you provide? 

I was not sure how to add a new convention to the map, but 

Hexacon is a board gaming / RPG convention coming up in January 19-21, 2018 near Denver CO 


It's at the Ramada North Denver. 

10 E 120th Ave. Denver, CO 80233