Spyfall | Casual Game Revolution


Game Description: 

“Loose lips sink ships” is a saying that dates back to the days of WWII. It also represents a vital wartime principle. There were lots of things that could give German spies away – rust-free staples in their documents, square-headed nails in the soles of their boots, and so on… This game offers everyone an opportunity to walk a mile in the shoes of both a spy who’s close to having their cover blown and a special agent who’s hot on the spy’s heels.

Spyfall is a one-of-a-kind conversation-based game. Players have a few minutes to identify a SPY in one of the numerous locations – a day spa, a space station, a submarine, and so on. Observation, concentration, nonchalance, and cunning – you’ll need all of them in this game. Stay on your toes!

CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
3 to 8
Playing Time: 
15 minutes
Game Type: 
Year Published: