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CGI#18: Heroes, Gaming for Couples, Kickstarter Trends, and Essen SPIEL

Gamelyn Games' Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is an adventure of epic proportions.

Plus: tips for gaming as a couple, our coverage of SPIEL 2016, an analysis of tabletop trends on Kickstarter, 10 steps to bring your game to market (part 2), and Grandpa Beck's journey from airline pilot to game publisher.

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Winter 2017
Naomi Laeuchli, Tiffany Caires, Jesse Tannous, Jon Den Houter, Steve Shields, Matt Thrower
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Gaming for couples looks interesting 

Mufti Hadi W
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Candy Mercer
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Glad to see a mass market mag covering games!

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Looks like a great edition. Love the art.

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Gaming for couples, yes!

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I haven't read a magazine cover to cover since ....ever. This was a the first. Keep it up

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Looks cool

James Thomas
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I'm truly glad you still print an actual Gaming Magazine......  Thank you !!!

Carlos Santos
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Looks good! Keep it up everyone!

Corey Holcomb
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This would be a great subscription to have.
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Great Info!

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Nice Issue.

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Looks great

Bryan K
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I've been getting his for two years and love it, interviews are my favorite part.

Jayme Shoopman
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Looks very interesting to me!

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I like the varied topics and breadth of coverage.  Essen, KS, couples, coolness.

Dave Mitchell
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Love Letter! Duh! I should have come up with that for a Valentine's-themed board-game date! Thanks, y'all!

Mark W
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Looking forward to reading the series on bringing your game to market.

Looks like this would be very informative. Wish I could afford one right now.

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Great cover! I really like the articles and boards games presented in this issue. Nothing like this out there, very well done.

Donald McFarlane
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Look forward to seeing more great content.

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Looks like my days of ordering multiple magazines are over!