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Gamewright has announced a new game, The Op has released a movement-based party game, and Board Game Geek has launched their annual Gen Con games preview.

How many synonyms can you think of for the word ‘crown’? Only four will score you a point, but maybe you want to take a risk and try to name an antonym instead.

Floodgate Games has announced a new party game, Renegade Game Studios has a new edition of Vegas Showdown available for pre-order, and Space Cowboys has announced Inori.

Take on the role of wizards competing to learn the most powerful spells, through canny use of abilities, magic tokens, and familiars.

All your friends announce an answer, then hand you a deck of five questions. Can you spot the real question they were answering, as you reveal the cards one at a time?

It’s hard being a wizard who has to share a communal garden. You want to keep all the best plants for yourself, but those other pesky wizards are eying them, too!

The next Horrified game has been announced, Talisman is getting its first cooperative expansion, and Unexpected Games has announced a cooperative Mandalorian game.

Lay out beautiful paths throughout the garden, sending noblemen in different directions to admire the mazes, trees, and statues in an effort to build the most beautiful garden.

This year’s Spiel des Jahres Nominees have been announced, Fireside Games has a new game available for pre-order, an expansion for Sky Team is coming soon.

Want a figurative explosion of bunnies or a literal explosion of turtles? This month's crowdfunders offer both, along with fluffy dragons and adorable whales.