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A Rapid Review of Word on the Street

Word on the Street
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Stronghold Games releases a new line of casual card games - is this a new direction for them? Plus: details about the Casual Game Revolution, 7 tips for learning and teaching a game more effectively, what "casual" means to game elitists and newbies, and how casual games were perfect for an international student event. More »

Word on the Street is a fun party game from Out of the Box Games that tests players’ vocabulary and spelling skills to the limits. Players form two competing teams who are battling, tug-of-war style, over the letters that are placed on the center of the street. On each round, one team draws a category card and spells a word in that category that will push the most possible letters closer to their own side of the board as it is spelled. The opposing team may jump in to try to cause distraction or confusion, which always gets hearts pumping faster as the timer draws to an end.

The rules effectively cover the possibility of misspellings and disagreements, and this game can prove to be a very fun experience with the right group and a good balance of word skills on both teams. The components are top-notch and should withstand a lot of use. For anyone who likes words, this is a solid party game to check out.