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A Rapid Review of Can't Stop

Can't Stop
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Can’t Stop is another classic reprint by Gryphon Games that deserves renewed attention. In the game, players press their luck to be the first to move three traffic cones to the top of the custom-molded octagonal board.

On a turn, a player rolls four dice and separates them into any two pairs. The sum of each pair determines which traffic cone can be moved one space forward. The distance from the bottom to the top of the board differs depending on the probability of rolling that number. Only three separate cones can be moved forward on any given turn, but they can continue to move forward as long as the player continues to roll the right sums. If no cones can be moved after rolling the dice, the turn ends and all progress made on that turn is lost.

In our testing, we found that conservative play can cause the game to feel a bit slow, as there is not a lot to think about between turns. However, once our groups got into the spirit of risk-taking and luck-pressing goodness, Can’t Stop blossomed into a fantastically fun experience that was enjoyed by all.

darth ziggy
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Had an opportunity to play this when the re-print first came out. I totally dug it.