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A Rapid Review of For Sale

For Sale
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Stronghold Games releases a new line of casual card games - is this a new direction for them? Plus: details about the Casual Game Revolution, 7 tips for learning and teaching a game more effectively, what "casual" means to game elitists and newbies, and how casual games were perfect for an international student event. More »

Who knew buying and selling real estate could be so much fun? In For Sale by Gryphon Games, there are no banks, realtors, title companies, or legalese required, just a very simple and fun casual gaming experience. Players bid on different properties ranging from a cardboard box to a space station, then turn around and sell them for (hopefully) more money.

For Sale is quick and easy to learn, yet requires forethought and skills in auctioning and bluffing to come out victorious. There are few components to the game, which can easily fit in a small zipper bag for portability; but be sure to bring along the rules, as it is often necessary to reference the game setup for different numbers of players.