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News Flash: New Gamewright Games, International Tabletop Day

Dodge Dice

  • Gamewright has several new games available for pre-order, including Dodge Dice and Over/Under.
  • Don’t forget this Saturday is International Tabletop Day. You can check here for events near you.
  • Z-Man Games has announced a new game to be released later this year, Helios.  
  • Forbes has posted a list of the top ten games to help children boost their test-taking skills.
  • Marrying Mr. Darcy: The Pride & Prejudice Card Game, a game for 2-6 players, is set to be released April 18th.
  • New reviews this week of Timeline – Diversity (Blog Critics), Dice and Daggers (iSlaytheDragon), and Flash Point: Fire Rescue (Troll in the Corner).
  • The Escapist reviews a fun site that gives you game recommendations based on your preferred game type, group size, age group and time length.
  • Game Salute is selling a nifty deck of playing cards featuring retro 8-bit artwork.
  • Go Forth And Game interviews Michael Mindes and Seth Jaffee of Tasty Minstrel Games.