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Sen and Jay

CGR: Are there any other cool games in the pipeline we should know about?

Sen:  Akrotiri, our 2-player game about finding hidden temples in the Aegean Sea, is coming out this Fall from Z-man.   It uses a really cool triangulation method of map creation such that, even though the map is randomly created by the players every time, the locations of the temple can still be found!

Jay: Man, I love Akrotiri! Can’t wait for that one. It will be debuting at Essen this year - so be on the look out for that one! We have a few more games in the pipeline - like SimpliCITY from The Flux Capacity coming out sometime next year - it’s a tile laying city building game - but one that takes less than an hour to play and has some interesting mechanics where you’re competing for different goals with each neighbour you have, Pop Goes the Weasel (though we’ve been told it will be re-themed and titled!) from R&R Games sometime next year - a family game where you roll 2 dice and choose one for movement around the bush and the other to draw mulberries (or I think bananas now!) - with the goal of getting the most mulberries. But there’s a weasel chasing you around the bush and if he catches you then you lose mulberries! And finally Junkyard from Z-Man games sometime in 2016 - this one could be huge as it’s our wood block balancing game, but it’s pretty clever and could be a big hit with mass market if they figure out how to manufacture it cheaply enough!

CGR: Thanks again, and best of luck with this Kickstarter campaign and your future games! In the meantime, where can we find you online?

Sen:  Thanks!   Check out our blog at www.bamboozlebrothers.com for tips on game design and our latest info.  And follow us in Twitter - I'm @SenFoongLim.

Jay: Awesome! I also exist on the Twitter thing: @bamboozlebros