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News Flash: Dalek Dice Announced, Mensa Mind Games Winners

Dalek Dice

  • If you're a Doctor Who fan, you may be excited to know that Cubicle 7 has announced Dalek Dice, a strategy dice game in which the main goal is to 'EXTERMINATE!' all those pesky humans. The game is for 2 to 4 players and will be released sometime this year.
  • The five Mensa Select Award winners have been announced. The winners are: Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Dragonwood, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, Letter Tycoon, and Trekking the National Parks.
  • USAopoly is running a special event for students and teachers this month. During May, students may fill out a form and USAopoly will send their favorite teacher a free Tapple game.
  • New reviews this week of Dogs of War (iSlaytheDragon), Legacy (, and Machi Koro (Board Game Quest).
  • The newspaper Oregonian┬áhas taken a look at simple board games with elegant designs.
  • The new website has just launched. It's designed to help gamers find information on new games and Kickstarter campaigns as well as to provide information to game publishers.
  • The Board Game Family has announced their nominees for their favorite games of 2014.
  • The Mirror has posted a fun list of the 11 most boring TV spin-off board games.