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News Flash: Bears! Trail Mix’d Released, New App Gamenauts

Bears! Trail Mix'd

  • Fireside Games has now released their expansion Bears! Trail Mix’d. It adds a new die to the game which introduces six new rules. 
  • A new app named Gamenauts has been released for the iOS and Android. The app allows you to scan a game's barcode when you're at a store and check its rating on BoardGameGeek.
  • GeekDad is currently hosting a large giveaway of multiple games. You can go here to enter.
  • New reviews this week of Dragonwood (Major Fun), Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy (, and Spyfall (Meeple Town).
  • Jason Meyers has posted an article on iSlaytheDragon, talking about his time at Origins this year, both helping out at the Asmodee booth and playing games.
  • Theology of Games has posted a preview of Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes' Call.
  • The Telegraph has posted their list of the top five best board games
  • Mattel announced the release of the iOS adaptation of Apples to Apples this month.
  • The planned Kickstarter expansion for Kingdom Builder has been officially canceled as the designer refused to extend his contract after its expiration this month due to the publishing company failing to pay him royalties from 2014.