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News Flash: Sandcastles, Gamewright Giveaway


  • Yay Games has released Sandcastles, a 30 minute game for 1 - 7 players that changes based on how many people are playing.
  • Discover Explore Learn is hosting a giveaway of two Gamewright games, Rory's Story Cubes - Batman and Sneaky Cards.
  • OZY has written about the use of board games in teaching and exploring history.
  • New reviews this week of Retro Loonacy (GeekDad), Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown (, and Broom Service (Troll in the Corner).
  • If you want to use board games to help celebrate Halloween, Clever Move Games has a list of suggestions for the perfect games to play.
  • The Week takes a look at board games based off of old TV shows.
  • The Guardian lists which games they believe are the worst of all time.
  • NY Daily News has written about the history behind some famous board games and how they became famous.