October 2015 | Casual Game Revolution

October 2015

Fireside Games has announced Here, Kitty, Kitty!, gaming suggestions for Halloween, and Fantasy Flight Games has released Cave Troll.

Looney Labs releases a new game, Passport Game Studios announces their cooperative game ...and then, we held hands will soon be in stores, and the date for 2016's International Tabletop Day is set.

This is the month for cooperative games on Kickstarter, with three of them making this month’s roundup. Also present is a two-player strategy game, and a tribute to 80s' horror films.

Days of Wonder has released Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom, Risk is getting a redesign, and Rio Grande is set to release a new game on the 18th of October.

In our latest Big Box O' Games giveaway, we are featuring four card games for your gaming pleasure — enter today for a chance to win these games just in time for Christmas!

One of the best tools in gaming's arsenal to expand the range of people playing games is an engaging theme. A game may be incredibly well designed, but it's hard to tell that from the box, and so its theme often has to do the heavy lifting of drawing in potential players.

The Fall 2015 issue of Casual Game Insider is now in stock and available for sale! Print and digital versions are available.

Yay Games has released Sandcastles, Discover Explore Learn is hosting a giveaway of two Gamewright games, and board games are used to teach history.

IELLO has made Sapiens available for pre-order, Adventure Time Love Letter has been released, and a Boy Scout troop has designed a game.