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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Cowboys, Aliens, and Airships

Tiny Epic Western

This month brings the next installment in the highly successful Tiny Epic line of games. Also on Kickstarter is a real-time co-op, a game about alien real estate, and much more.

Tiny Epic Western

Tiny Epic Western (Gamelyn Games) – The next game in the Tiny Epic series, Tiny Epic Western blends poker and worker placement. Players are buying stock and property and growing a boom town in the days of the Wild West. You are also sending your posse around the town on errands. But in a unique twist on worker placement, if your man is on a location your opponent wants to send their own man to, they can duel you for it. The poker comes in each time you send a posse member to a location. When you do, you must play a hand of poker, and attempt to win influence that will help you buy more locations and become the biggest boss in town.


Alienation (Coryn Lombardi) – Players are real estate space! And you want your solar system to be the best in the universe. At the start of each round, players draft nine cards each. Every card shows a type and number of alien. On your turn you may play a card either into your solar system, or into another player's. Some aliens score just for being them! Some take points away...unless you happen to have more of them than any other species. Some aliens only like to be in even numbers and some don't score until the last round of the game. After three rounds, whoever has the most points wins. Plus, the Kickstarter video just has a wonderfully catchy theme song. So if nothing else, go listen to that!

Dirigible Disaster

Dirigible Disaster (Letiman Games) – In this real-time cooperative game, players have to put out fires, make repairs, and help passengers during 10 harrowing minutes onboard a flying airship. The game is divided into ten rounds, each of which lasts a minute. Before each round, problems pop up around the ship's three decks, and players have to work fast to solve as many of these problems as they can and ensure that the ship lands safely.

Mr. Maksimov's Manor

Mr. Maksimov's Manor (Captive Publishing) – Players are townspeople at the estate sale of Mr. Maksimov, the mysterious town recluse who has been the center of many rumors. At the start of each game, players are dealt three cards. Each round, five new cards will be revealed face up from the deck which players must compare to what they're holding in their hand. Different cards will have different values depending on which cards you already have. Players choose how many bidding tokens to risk, which are then placed in a bag and shaken. One token is drawn at random and the owner of that token chooses which revealed card they want. Tokens are drawn until the tokens or the face up cards run out. All tokens that were risked are removed from the game.


e-SOLO-e (Doug Masiel) – In this two player game, each player has 8 colored cubes. Each cube has three blank sides and three symbols. Players take turns playing a cube on the board and on top of each other's cubes. You must place the cube so that one of the symbols is face up. In order to win the game you must meet one of three winning conditions. You can win by making a row of four cubes of your own color (the row may either be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal); you can win by making a row of four cubes with the same symbol, or by making two sets with three in a row. The game is quite compact and is easy to transport.

Dice Bazaar

Dice Bazaar (Fedor Sosnin) – At the bazaar every item on sale has a set of dice called price dice, which show what numbers you need to roll and match. Players roll their own dice and match them to the price dice in order to buy an item. Items can later be sold in order to change the number on the dice you rolled to try for more valuable items. Once an item is bought, it gets replaced and the price dice are re-rolled, knocking off any other player's dice that no longer match the new numbers.

The Daring & The Doomed

The Daring & The Doomed (Runehammer Games) – Players start the game by drawing three cards. Each turn you draw and play one card. Cards you play can include kingdom cards, which give you bonuses or heroes which you use to fight monsters. Battles are determined by dice rolls. The winner earns gold and the first player to 20 gold wins the game. The Daring & The Doomed is for 2 to 6 players and has fun pixel fantasy art.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.

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