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News Flash: Doctor Panic Released, Mensa Select Winners Announced

Doctor Panic

  • Doctor Panic has officially been released. It is a party game for up to 12 players in which teams must complete a series of dexterity based mini games in less than 12 minutes in order to save the patient and win the game.
  • The 2016 Mensa Select winners have been announced. You can check out the winners here.
  • Fireside Games is hosting a giveaway over on Facebook for Munchkin Panic. They will be giving out a game a day until April 29. 
  • New reviews this week of Warehouse 51 (BoardGameQuest), New York 1901 (Major Fun), and Loot n Run (GeekDad).
  • On iSlaytheDragon, Alex Singh has written a moving piece on board games and how they helped him find some peace after a rough year.
  • Cheapass Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a 2-player strategy game titled Tak. You can check it out here.
  • There is currently a Kickstarter campaign running for a board game carrying case called the Game Canopy. Nonsensical Gamers have written up an extensive preview of the product which you can read here
  • Smirk & Dagger has posted a sneak peek of some of the characters that will be available in their new Nevermore expansion which is set for a summer release.
  • A Firefly edition of the popular deckbuilding co-op game Legendary has been announced for a July release.