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News Flash: Flash Point Fire Rescue Digital, Essen Recaps

Flash Point Fire Rescue

Flash Point: Fire Rescue Digital Adaptation
An iPad and PC adaptation of Flash Point: Fire Rescue has been announced. "Flash Point: Fire Rescue is originally an award-winning, turn-based board game based around the demanding duties of a fire-fighter. Its digital counterpart is all that and more as you use strategy to command your highly-trained fire-fighters to rescue the men, women, children, and animals trapped inside the burning building."

Essen Recap
Opinionated Gamers have recapped Essen in four parts.
Source: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Thefts At Essen
BoardGameGeek has reported that a handful of publishers were robbed at this year's Essen. "At SPIEL 2016, at least two publishers had their cashbox swiped near the end of the day on Saturday, the busiest day of the fair."

Power Grid Card Game Set for October Release
If you enjoy Power Grid, you may want to check out the card game adaptation. "The players represent CEOs of mighty power companies producing electricity. During the game, the players bid for power plants at auctions and supply them with resources. Their income depends on the amount of electricity produced in each round. At the end of the game, the player who produces the most electricity wins."

10 Games That Play In Under An Hour
The Daily Worker Placement lists 10 great games that can be played in less than sixty minutes. "Sometimes you just need to unwind and concentrate on something other than the complications of life for a few minutes. Here are ten titles that fill the need for a short gaming respite when you just wanna escape."

Limit Your Board Game Collection
Meeple Mountain argues for a smaller game collection. "In the last few years I transitioned from showing up to play board games, to owning board games. It’s been incredibly rewarding. The only problem was when I went a bit crazy and I grew my collection too quickly."

List Challenges For Board Games
List Challenges has put together a list of 76 popular and well known board games. How many of them have you played?