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Throw Throw Burrito: A Party Game of Dodgeball and Burrito Battles

Throw Throw Burrito

Have you ever just wanted to toss a burrito at someone? Now you can in the real-time party game Throw Throw Burrito.

Players race to create sets of three matching cards, discarding and drawing as fast as they can — but watch out, because you never know when all out burrito war is about to be declared!


To set up the game, you shuffle the deck and deal fifteen cards to each player to form their personal draw piles. They will each start by drawing five cards. place the two burritos in the center of the table along with the burrito bruise tokens.

There are no turns in Throw Throw Burrito, rather players act simultaneously, trying to move as quickly as possible. Your goal is to create sets of three matching cards. Your hand limit is always five, so you must discard and draw until you have a match. To discard a card, you place it face down on top of the draw pile of the player to your left. When you make a matching set of three, you place it in your scoring pile. Non-burrito sets are worth one point, while burrito sets are worth two points. However, there are different types of burrito cards, and the different sets you make cause different battles to occur. When you play a burrito set you yell the type of battle and all other gameplay stops.

When you play brawl burritos, the players to your right and left are in a brawl. They must race to grab the burritos from the center of the table and throw them at each other. The first player to get hit loses the battle. For a war burrito set, all players except the one who played the cards race for burritos and try to throw them at any player (except the one who started the war). The first player to get hit loses the battle. Finally when you announce a duel, you pick any two players, each of whom grab a burrito, stand back to back, take three steps away from each other and then turn and throw. Whichever one is hit first loses the duel. When you lose any of the battles, you take one of the burrito bruise tokens, which are worth negative one point each at the end of the round. After the battle, regular gameplay is resumed.

The game is played over two rounds, with each round ending when the last burrito bruise token is claimed. The player with the most points at the end of the first round gets the Fear Me token. If that player wins the second round, he wins the game; otherwise he must do a burrito duel with the player who won the second round.

Throw Throw Burrito


Throw Throw Burrito is creative silly fun that is also action packed. With players constantly on the move, you’re going to be standing around the play space, moving fast to collect your cards but also be ready to drop everything and race for a burrito. The battles themselves will also have you moving around a lot while you’re throwing and dodging — you could even find yourself running through the house. Wars are particularly chaotic with their free-for-all nature.

Learning the game is quick and easy and the rules are nicely presented. Set up is also quite fast, so that you can have the game out and playing in a matter of minutes.

The burritos themselves are adorable, cute, and very squishy. They’re soft enough that it doesn’t really hurt to have one thrown at you. Players do have to be careful about where they’re playing though, as a misfired burrito could knock something over and break it. The cards are also unfortunately on the thin side and easily bent, which, given the speed-based gameplay, can cause them to get damaged easily. A sturdier card stock would have been better.

Some groups will not enjoy this style of game, but our test group had a blast. Throw Throw Burrito is playful, simple, hilarious, and quite a workout! It’s a party game that gets you on your feet and keeps you there — just don't be surprised if you end up sweaty and exhausted when you're done playing.

Pros: The burritos are adorable, action packed, a party game that gets you moving

Cons: The cards are easily bent, have to be careful about where you play it