July 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

July 2019

Have you ever just wanted to toss a burrito at someone? Now you can in the real-time party game Throw Throw Burrito.

The winner of this year’s Spiel des Jahres award has been announced, USAopoly (The Op) and Steve Jackson Games are collaborating on a new edition of Munchkin, and a new expansion for Disney Villainous will be released next week.

The volcano is erupting and the island is in danger! Can you work together to save all the inhabitants, human and non-human alike?

This month’s Kickstarter games allow players to step into the shoes of time strapped doctors, working together to beat the clock and tend to all patients in time, henchmen vying to get hired for villainous schemes and earn influence, and even Robinson Crusoe, looking for a way off his island.

Transport yourself back to Rome in Stefan Feld’s latest award-nominated game, Carpe Diem.

Outdoor games can tick a lot of boxes: a fun way to get outside, an activity for picnics and backyard parties, and a nice element of nostalgia.

Days of Wonder has announced Deep Blue, dV Giochi has two new games set for release later this year, and Ticket To Ride may soon be adapted into reality television.

Grow a patch full of scary pumpkins, spooky powers, and tasty points!

Players are squires, vying for King Arthur's favor. Fight in tournaments, woo a lady, slay a dragon, and give to charity: all to get a step up against your opponents.

Would you rather be an ant or zombie? Pick a side, and claim the garden for your team, as there’s only room for one in this back yard.