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Use Expression and Gibberish Words to Convey Ideas in Jibbergiggle


How can you say ‘wibbit’ and make it sound as if you are spotting a shark? Or ‘fizzeiggle’ to calm a bear?

Jibbergiggle is a party game in which players draw sound cards which give them a random gibberish word to say, which they must use along with facial expression to convey one of the nine scenarios on the table.


There are eight sets of round cards. To set up a game of Jibbergiggle, players choose one set to play with and return the others to the box. You shuffle the round cards and play nine face up on the table. Each card lists a scenario such as ‘spotting a unicorn’ or ‘singing along to your favorite song’. You then shuffle the sound cards and place them facedown to the side. Each sound card has three gibberish words on it, and before the game begins players agree whether to use the first, second, or third word on the sound cards. The gibberish words are things such as ‘awooga’ and ‘wimpy wozzle’.

When it is your turn, you draw a sound card, read your gibberish word, and then choose one of the scenarios on the table. Using only your word, your tone of voice, and your facial expressions (no hand motions are allowed) you attempt to get the other players to guess what scenario you are performing.

The first player to guess correctly adds the scenario card to their score pile and you add the sound card to yours. Each player may only make one guess. If no one guesses correctly, both cards are discarded. A new scenario card is then drawn to replace the one that has been removed from the table (as long as there are any left in the deck to do so).

Whoever is the first to have ten cards in their score pile wins the game, otherwise the game ends once there are only three scenario cards left on the table — and the player with the most cards in their pile is declared the winner.

Jibbergiggle Components


Jibbergiggle is an intentionally silly little party game, that’s going to lead to lots of laughter and ridiculous situations. The jibberish words are surprisingly fun to say, and the situations quite varied.

Coming up with ways to combine the words with tone and expressions to indicate the correct situation is an enjoyable challenge and surprisingly satisfying when you succeed. It calls for creative thinking and often the willingness to just commit. The fact that you also get to choose from a selection of scenarios also makes it a little easier.

Players who are self conscious or don’t enjoy acting silly are going to find this game uncomfortable to play, so you want to be sure of your game group, but with the right people this can be a lot of fun. The game is also family friendly.

The cards all fit in a nicely sized, small box that makes it portable and the cards are a nice quality. The number of round cards and three gibberish words per sound card also lends the game extra replay value and variety.

Jibbergiggle is light, silly fun. If you are looking for a game that will lead to plenty of laughter, this should fit the bill.

Pros: Portable, silly, family friendly

Cons: Not a good fit for all game groups and some players will feel uncomfortable

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.