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Blank Slate: A Party Game of Trying to Match, But Not Too Much

Blank Slate

A party game published by The Op, Blank Slate is all about trying to predict how other players will think and attempting to only match with one of them.


Each player takes a dry erase marker and a board. The card box is set in the middle of the table. Each round, a card is drawn. Each card shows part of a word, which can be completed in a number of different ways, with a blank either before or after it. Players must write down a word or syllable that can be put in that blank, in order to complete the word. Answers cannot be single letters, but they can turn the original word into a two-word phrase or even into a proper noun.

Once everyone has written down an answer, all boards are revealed. You score three points if only one other player wrote down the same answer that you did, one point if more than one player wrote down the same answer, and zero points if you didn’t match with anyone.

The first player to reach twenty-five points wins the game.

Blank Slate Components


The rules are simple and intuitive, making Blank Slate a solid party game for a wide audience. The core challenge is fun, and it’s interesting to try to come up with a word only one other player will have thought of. This goal of trying to match with only one person often leads to second guessing yourself, and the moment of reveal is enjoyable.

It’s fun to see where other people’s minds go to, and there’s a large selection of cards included in the game. It’s also a game that you can easily replay. Even if you’ve seen a card before, as long as the group of players is at least a little bit different from the last time, the results are going to be different as well.

The production quality is OK, however the cards did arrive in the box with a little wear on the edges. Also, if the scoring track had been made smaller or foldable, the box could have been much smaller and more portable. Portability is always ideal for a party game.

There are some similar games out there, but Blank Slate keeps the rules simple and uncomplicated. It’s fun, it’s easy to get started, and it’s just a nicely put together party game.

Pros: Extremely intuitive gameplay, flexible rules for legal answers, fun scoring system

Cons: Box could be more portable, cards arrived in slightly worn condition

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.