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News Flash: Ticket to Ride Puzzle Game, Machi Koro 2

Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher

Ticket to Ride: Track Switcher Announced
Days of Wonder has announced a new brain teaser puzzle game, set in the world of Ticket to Ride. "Players will use cognitive skills like logic, spatial reasoning and sequencing to direct locomotives and shift trains into their correct positions. Players will direct locomotives and shift trains into their correct position based on the puzzle card to ensure every train will leave on schedule."

Machi Koro 2 Announced
Pandasaurus has announced a brand new standalone sequel, set to release October 6. "The cards in this set have exciting, never-before-seen effects. But choose what you build wisely, as your landmarks might also benefit your opponents! With more variety than ever before, no two games will be the same."Source:

Torpedo Dice Released
Stratus Games has released a new roll and write game for one to four players. "An interactive roll & write game where the numbers on the dice don’t matter, but the pips do! Players draft dice to fire torpedoes at their enemy’s submarine, trying to destroy its vital systems such as the engine or propeller. Shots are fired in the formation of the pips shown on the chosen die."

Turbo Sleuth Announced
WizKids has announced Turbo Sleuth, a real time puzzle game. "During the Analysis phase, players will compete simultaneously to find the Suspect and the Weapon among 3 Clue cards placed in the center of the table and use their Answer cards to connect the Suspect and the Weapon that was used. After they connect a Suspect and Weapon, a player will grab one of the Score tokens. The Analysis phase ends when all Score tokens have been taken."

2021 Solitaire Print and Play Contest
The annual Solitaire Print and Play Contest has launched over on Board Game Geek. Submissions end on August 23rd.

The Goonies: Never Say Die Released
Funko Games has released their new one vs all board game based on the 80's film. "Embark on a perilous adventure full of dangerous booby traps and treacherous treasure-filled caverns! One player is the Goondocks Master, controlling fearsome foes, from the outlaw family, the Fratellis, to the legendary pirate, One-Eyed Willie. The other players take on the role of the Goonies."

Trick Shot (Board Game Quest): “Captures the spirit and often chaotic nature of ice hockey with a fun aesthetic and high production value that will have players cheering and groaning with their rolls.”

The Game: Face to Face (The Opinionated Gamers): “For those looking for a nice quick compact 2p game, this is a good choice.”

The Grimm Forest (The Tabletop Family): “A fun game delivered in an amazing package. For a game all about fairytales, it has a surprising amount of deviousness inside.”