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Splurt Out Answers Fast and First!


What is something hot that has a name which is two syllables long? Or something found on a desk that starts with the letter A?

Splurt!, published by Gamewright Games, is a fast, simple, but no less fun party game that comes in a small, travel-friendly package.


The game is composed of a deck of 100 cards. One side of each card lists a category such as book title, something at an airport, or a historical figure, while the other side lists certain criteria. The criteria typically include something about containing or starting/ending with a certain letter, but there are also a few based on the number of letters or syllables.

You start the game by taking 20 to 40 cards from the deck (depending on how long a game you want to play) and returning the rest to the box. You keep the cards in a stack, category side up.

Each round, you flip over the top card and set it next to the stack so that all players now see a category and criteria. Players then race to think of an answer that fits both cards. The first player to say a correct answer takes the criteria card.

Once there is only one card left in the stack the game ends, and the player who has collected the most cards wins.

Splurt! Components


Splurt! is fast, light, and super accessible. It takes a minute to explain and the rules are intuitive. It comes in a small, compact box that is easy to slip into a purse or bag and could easily be played at a restaurant, waiting in line, or even on a plane.

The game scales nicely for multiple players. It plays the same with two people as it does with six, the only difference is that the more people, the more competitive you have to be with thinking up answers fast!

There are lots of combinations between all the cards, giving the game a ton of replayability. There’s not really anything negative to say about Splurt! — it’s simple, short, and sweet, and you either like this type of game or you don’t. There are similar games out there, but the compactness of Splurt!, combined with its basic rules, make it a solid entry into the genre.

Pros: Travel-friendly, player count range, easy to teach

Cons: You may already own similar games

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.