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News Flash: Wheels vs Doors Party Game, The Perfect Wave Released

Wheels vs Doors

Wheels vs Doors Released
Asmodee has released a new party game. "Ask the questions that no one has ever asked. Like ‘what is there more of in the world?’ Airports or Hippos, Bristles on a Toothbrush or Varieties of Cheese, rivets in the Eiffel Tower or characters to have appeared on the Simpsons.”

The Perfect Wave Released
The Op has released a new surfing-themed game called The Perfect Wave. “Your objective is simple yet thrilling: collect Wave Cards to construct sequences that earn you points. But it's not just about catching any wave – it's about curating the perfect sequence that gives you the edge. Score additional points by playing Trick cards strategically, showing off your skills, and unlocking exciting bonuses.”

Inheritors Pre-Order
NorthStar Games has a new game available for pre-order and set for release this September. “Inheritors is a 2-4 player open drafting, hand management card game. As one of the King's Inheritors, you will seek influence among five clans, spy on your competitors and tip the courts in your favor to win your rightful place on the throne. Let the games begin!”

25th Century Games Print and Play
25th Century Games has released a $5 print-and-play, roll-and-write game. “Roll the dice. Allocate the dice by number order on the various actions selection cards. Players will take turns drafting and taking actions on their score sheets, unlocking new skills and bonuses along the way. From herding together animals into fenced configurations, to winning prizes at the state fair, you'll have plenty to explore in Roll on the Range.”

Scram! App Released
Bezier Games has released an app adaptation of their team-based card game Scram!. "No need to wait for a game night – Scram! is now at your fingertips 24/7. Challenge friends, or family in real-time matches through the convenience of online play!"
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Great Western Trail New Zealand Released
Plan B Games has released the final game in their Great Western Trail series. “Runholders in New Zealand are moving their sheep to Wellington, then to ports all over the world. Through strategic hiring, bold actions, and a little luck, you can ensure the success of your runhold for future generations.”

World Wonders Announced
Arcane Wonders has announced World Wonders, set for release later this year. “It’s your duty choose wisely what constructions and wonderful monuments fits better in your map. This will increase your resource production and attract many people, what will make your population grow. But, look carefully at your opponent’s plans: perhaps they are wanting the same builds you are.”

Pirate Tails (Geek Daily): “Light and fun, but also has a unique strategy behind it that you might find in more adult games.”

Tiny Epic Vikings (Meeple Mountain): “It undoubtedly offers a fantastic alternative to the larger and more expensive area control drafting games out there, but in this instance, the small size of the game seems to impact the overall experience.”

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure to Mount Doom (Opinionated Gamers): “It’s been a nice puzzle to try a few times on a rainy weekend, but LOTR: Adventure to Mount Doom isn’t going to replace Pandemic, Ghost Stories or Legends of Andor for the times when my gaming group is looking for a cooperative challenge.”