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VIDEO: What You NEED TO KNOW About Wavelength BEFORE You Buy


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Calling all telepathic party animals! Are you thinking about buying Wavelength by CMYK? Watch this quick video to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you buy!

Wavelength is a hilarious social guessing game where you and your teammates try to read each other's minds across a spectrum of concepts.

Unleash Your Inner Psychic

  • One player acts as the Psychic, secretly knowing where a hidden target lies on a spectrum like "Hot - Cold" or "Fantasy - Sci-Fi".
  • The rest of your team becomes the Guessers, using clues given by the Psychic to pinpoint the target location.
  • The Psychic gives a single word clue somewhere on the spectrum, closer to the target the better!
  • Guessers discuss and debate, then dial their answer on a giant, colorful meter.
  • The closer your team's guess is to the target, the more points you score!

Key Features

  • Fast-paced and fun, perfect for groups of 2-12 players.
  • No pencils, paper, or complicated rules – just pure communication and laughter.
  • Endless replayability with hundreds of unique clue combinations.
  • Improves communication and helps you understand your friends' thinking.

Ready to Connect Minds?

This game has excellent components — the large dial is one of the best party game components we've ever seen. Some people we have played with simply don't "get it," but if this concept appeals to you and your group, you should very much enjoy it. We expect this game to forever remain in our collection, as there is nothing else quite like it.

So, grab your friends, unleash your inner psychic, and dive into the hilarious world of Wavelength! Can you navigate the spectrum of clues and guess your way to victory? Only time (and your minds) will tell!