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News Flash: New Trivia Game Announced, Courtisans Pre-Order

News Flash

Cryptozoic Announces Trivia Game
Cryptozoic Entertainment is set to release Everyone Else Thinks This Games Is Awesome in June. "In the base game, players answer trivia questions simultaneously, and then assign grad students to different locations based on who the players think gave the correct answer.  Advancement on the path to becoming Emeritus Professor and winning the game is by accumulating citation points based on how well you predicted answers, including your own."

Courtisans Pre-Order Now
Pandasaurus has a new card game available for pre-order, which is expected to be released next month. "Guide the Courtiers around the hall and attempt to sway a family’s influence. Manage your Courtiers and read the plans of your opponents to emerge with the most points!"

Garden Getaway Pre-Order
Gigamic has announced a new kid’s game. "Join the lively gathering of garden animals as they come together each summer for an extravagant feast in Garden Getaway. A surprise awaits them though: the furious Gardener, upset to find them feasting on his veggie patch!"

Goliath Games Acquires Lucky Duck Games
Lucky Duck Games has officially been acquired by Goliath Games. "In January 2024, Goliath acquired an exclusive license to all the games marketed under the Funko Games brand, and on April 22, 2024, Goliath has announced the acquisition of Lucky Duck Games, which was founded in 2016 by Vincent Vergonjeanne."

New Clue Show?
The film and television rights for the classic board game Clue has been sold to Sony. "Hasbro Entertainment has closed a deal with Sony‘s TriStar Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for the film and TV rights for the beloved board game."

Risk 2210 A.D. Pre-Order
Renegade Game Studios is bringing Risk 2210 A.D. back to the table, with the game currently available for pre-order and expected to be released in May. "Centuries have passed and the world is again at war. Mechanical warriors are now fighting for us. Our human commanders lead them and guide them, but the bloodless armies battle in our stead. On the Earth and below its surface as well as on the Moon, the war rages. When the dust settles, only one will emerge the victor."

Spark Riders 3000 (Coopgestalt): “There are some problems with the game, but in general this is a joyous adventure in space!”

Sherlock 13 (Board Game Gumbo): “Sherlock 13 is a solid deduction game. If you want a big game experience, you’ll probably need to look elsewhere [...]. But this one will stay on my small box game shelf for a while”

Doomensions: Pop-Up Mystery Manor (GeekDad) “For the most part, I enjoyed the puzzles in Doomensions: Pop-Up Mystery Manor. Almost all of them relied on information from the manor itself: finding and counting particular objects or symbols, figuring out how some tools combined with the manor, and so on. Many of the puzzles made use of the layout of the manor, too, like retracing the path an investigator took through the house.”